TechCMS partnership consists of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Confederations of professionals, European Association of Career Guidance, adult and vocational training and career guidance centres, and ICT and research companies, thus supporting trans-national cooperation and mutual learning on forward-looking issues among key stakeholders, empowering those key stakeholders in developing and mainstreaming policy innovation, and promoting innovation in education and training fields through European cooperation at both policy and practice levels. 

TechCMS partners are the following: 

Agenzia per lo Sviluppo dell’Empolese Valdelsa (ASEV) – Coordinator

IAL Innovazione Appredimento Lavoro Marche srl Impresa Sociale (IAL Marche srl)

Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE)

Zewelepe Consultants Limited (Zewelepe)

European Association of Career Guidance (EACG)

Skybridge Partners (SKYBRIDGE)

Institute of Vocational Training AKMI (AKMI S.A)

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry